Looking for Davide Casali?

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You might have reached this page looking for Davide Casali, also known as “Folletto”. You’re in the right place, there was indeed here someone called Davide Casali, which has played Unreal Tournament semi-professionally, moderated forums, managed gaming servers, wrote open source code, created communities, designed print stuff, designed web stuff, designed mobile stuff, advised companies, coached people, written articles, ran conferences, done talks — even spoke at TEDx.

Alita (Gally) is waking up after her body has been completely reconstructed.

If this was a science fiction story, there would be a scene like the first chapter of Alita: Last Order or the intro of Ghost in the Shell where with technological marvels a new, advanced body was created. Since cyborgs are still a little far away for now, this story is just some signed paper and a few officially sounding emails.

The person you’re looking for now goes under the name Erin Casali.

She still uses the nickname Folletto — ironically enough in the lost times of IRC in the ’90 the messages asking “are you a girl?” were not an isolated incident.
Maybe it was a sign.

She still is the person that did all the above, and she’s looking forward to keep doing stuff she enjoys in the future. Hopefully — but probably not realistically given today’s society — in peace with everyone.

She still can be followed on Twitter, or maybe better through the newsletter, and if you have any more private message, feel free to contact her via email.