“I know what you’re thinking. I look good.”
— Jamie Oliver

When Google Glass launched it was already clear that they were going to be rejected from a social convention standpoint. It’s so evident we even have a term, ‘glasshole‘ and a few clashes already.

That’s why today it’s interesting to analyze what’s happening not just through the eyes of the technology itself, but also through the view of what strategy Google is following to make them socially normal.

This strategy it’s moving through two key aspects: fashion and lifestyle. In the last few weeks we had two excellent examples of this:

  1. Diane Von Furstenberg releases her line of glasses compatible with Google Glass (Jun 3)
  2. Jamie Oliver posts a video of himself creating a recipe using Google Glass (Jun 8)

Unsurprisingly, both happened just before Google I/O.

Google needs to push on this strategy in order to make Glass at the same time something that is “in” from a fashion standpoint, and is “normal” from a lifestyle standpoints. They need to make them aspirational.

Will they succeed? It’s too early to say. There are two forces at play, but the strategy they are following is clearly sound.


Thanks to Serena for the discussion inspiration.