Brew Compassion in the Corporate Setting

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Chade-Meng Tan has a very interesting TED talk titled “Everyday compassion at Google”. The talk represents another signal toward a shift in our culture from leaders and managers that are purely Taylorist – oriented to pure economic efficiency – to a new form of leadership that connects us back to our humanity.

He points out three ingredients required in companies to foster this kind of shift, borrowing from his learnings at Google:

  1. The first ingredient is to create a culture of passionate concern for the greater good.
  2. The second ingredient is autonomy.
  3. The third ingredient is to focus on inner development and personal growth.

I’m highlighting this talk because connects very well to a few other signals I’ve collected in the past, all aligned to this new form of leadership that is emerging:

We are at the beginning of the understanding how a leader can lead with emotional intelligence.