The Power of Non-descriptive Brand Names

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“When consumers encounter an unfamiliar name which is counter to their expectation that the marketer would be providing a familiar name, they try to determine how the adjective describes the color/flavor. If they discover the connection, the consumer may congratulate himself for solving the problem, resulting in positive affect. The most positive affect should result when the name is mildly incongruent.”
— Kahn B., Miller E. (2005) The Effect of Color & Flavor Names on Consumer Choice

This is an old but very interesting study that I discovered thanks to a chat with Roger Cauvin. The research gives a good explanation of why non-descriptive brand names are more effective than descriptive ones.

The slight additional mental processing related with a mildly incongruous name is able to reinforce not only the enjoyment for the name itself, but also shift choice and supports the memorization of the word itself.

All excellent things to have in a brand.