Baker’s future: say hello to the new project lead

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Baker started with a very simple idea: making high-quality digital publishing open to everyone. Today the project reached its third year of life with some impressive numbers:

  • 10 releases – one every 4 months
  • 310 forks
  • 16+ contributors
  • 941 commits
  • 14,901 lines of code
  • 60+ new publications
  • 1,200+ discussions
  • 20,000+ downloads
  • 200,000+ people reached

While the team has released many other open source projects in the past, Baker has been the first one to really pick up steam, as proven by the community: we had great discussions, lots of contributions and we even got to the point of having people outside of the core team independently answering questions.

Now, however, Baker needs to shift gears in order to keep being the awesome and simple platform so many people enjoyed: it must start integrating the framework with an open backend. We managed to do this up until now with an open, clear and simple API, but it’s obvious what the next step is, to make it even simpler for developers: we need to provide a ready-made platform that doesn’t require to waste any time implementing the backend.

That’s why we choose to give the project lead to Andrew Krowczyk, one of the most active contributors, the author of our biggest fork (which influenced Baker’s own shelf implementation) and more importantly the author of MagRocket, the best open source publishing backend for Baker Framework.

While there are other excellent platforms out there that complement Baker, Andrew’s commitment to keeping an open API, while at the same time developing an integrated solution, felt to us like the best choice going forward. And best of all, he’s a great contributor to Baker’s community and its culture.

To show our commitment to Andrew’s work, we are staying onboard as Advisors for the project.

This is Baker’s new home on GitHub, please give a warm welcome to Andrew and start posting there your feature requests and issues:

Read here Andrew’s announcement:

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish,
Erin, Alessandro, Marco