“What this means is that UX Designer is not a workflows-and-wireframes role. It’s a leadership role (though not necessarily a management role). It is a systems role — UX brings humanity to systems design and engineering. UX is a fundamentally synthetic role, not just coordinating these distinct activities, but helping realize a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts. And while a UX Designer uses design approaches, they are not for typical design outcomes.”
— Peter Merholz (2012) Reframing “UX Design”

I totally agree on Peter’s perspective here. He was able to make an excellent – and I have no doubt also controversial – take on the role of the UX Designer.

It’s an excellent way to clear the boundaries between the various design disciplines and user experience.

I have only one doubt, and that’s the same problem I find very often for myself: “UX Designer” has a definition that has been already blurred and scoped in the last years and as such I think it’s very difficult to make an entire industry to change its mind on that.

Maybe, we just need a different label.

Thanks to Gianandrea Giacoma for the link.