Manifesto Ibridi, for every hybrid out there

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It took years, but finally the Manifesto Ibridi has seen the light of day. Under the intuition and guidance of Gianandrea Giacoma the team including Gianluca Bocchi, Luisa Damiano and me – but really including a lot of other people within our network – completed the manifesto and today you can read it online here.



It is an expression of the zeitgeist. It is our expression. It’s the expression of a wider view that embraces the human being as part of a complex, interconnected and changing word. It is the expression of a rich river of thoughts flowing and connecting Heraclitus, Leonardo Da VinciVarela, Norman, and many others. It’s not just for the polymaths, but for all the people out there that think in a different and wider way. It is the expression of all the people that knew to be part of something without having a name to express it before now.

I always liked the Hacker’s Manifesto written by The Mentor and today I want to borrow some word from it.

I am an hybrid, and this is my manifesto.