Fadi Bishara: Silicon Valley vs Europe

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Fadi is an excellent presenter and makes some really good points about creating a startup at HackFwd. You can see his presentation here.

  1. Ready… Shoot! Aim.” instead of “Ready… Aim. Shoot!”. Trial and error is the approach that makes a big difference.
  2. Fail fast. Failures are moments when you can learn. You build experience.
  3. Small steps: small failures teach good lessons and allow you to change course easily.
  4. Think big: even if the steps are small, the target must be big.

What’s valuable for me in here is that these rules are generalizable. You can apply them at many kinds of projects and activities, and that’s most of the time the best, most effective mentality you can have. As you can see, this is also part of the foundation of the various Agile approaches.

On the other side, these are also interesting cultural point. You can take these as personal advices, not only as company and management advices. Learning to fail and learning in the process, stopping blaming other failures (if there’s learning attached), doing small steps, thinking big… these are all things that could be very useful to you as an individual.