There is no movement without the first follower

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It’s not all about the leaders. It’s not all about those who take decisions. Well, on a second thought, it actually is. It’s all about decisions. Because to decide what to follow is a decision as well, isn’t it? That’s an act of will. They’re as heroic as the ones who started it all. They helped that start to grow and to last. Genius is to create something utterly new. Talent is to recognize it at first glance, and fall in love with it. This is what being a talented follower is all about: to recognize the new frontier of our times. Because once the frontier’s still far away, many see just a thin line. But the very few who see beyond the line are the mighty ones who go after it with passion and dedication. The frontier knows who they are. And now it has decided to give them something back and make them proud of being what they are: Frontier’s Fellows.

Frontiers’ Fellows Manifesto

Amazing announcement from the Frontiers of Interaction staff.
I think that this announcement goes well beyond Frontiers itself. It’s an ideal.