Writing Speed: Keyboard > iPhone > Treo > Pen > Newton > Palm

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If it’s not already clear, this isn’t a particularly scientific experiment. If you performed the same tests you’d probably come up with different results depending on your proficiency with the various devices. But here are my results […]:

  1. Keyboard: 3′ 14″
  2. iPhone software keyboard: 4′ 56″
  3. Treo hardware keyboard: 5′ 23″
  4. Pen and paper: 5′ 33″
  5. Newton MessagePad: 9′ 17″
  6. Palm Graffiti: 12′ 16″

— from Pen v keyboard v Newton v Graffiti v Treo v iPhone by Phil Gyford
(via DaringFireball)

Interesting test. It’s a personal benchmark, not scientific at all, but still an interesting overview.
The most surprising part for me is seeing pen and paper so slow…