GE FastWorks: A Lean Approach for A Big Corporation

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“GE has enlisted tech entrepreneur Eric Ries to help develop FastWorks, based in part on his bestseller The Lean Startup”

“The company has already trained 40,000 employees under the new initiative, one of the largest in GE’s 122-year history.”
General Electric Wants to Act Like a Startup (2014)

Kudos to Eric Ries. This is great not because I wasn’t sure the Lean approach could be possible in big corporation, but because now we have a proof of that.

GE is really smart in this. They knew they couldn’t apply the Lean model exactly in the same way as startups, but they also knew the model is good. So now they are ahead of the curve.

I’m noting this down also because it’s another example of the Dot Loop at work.