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Email CSS cheatsheet

Talking about CSS in email is almost a forbidden topic, still there’s a big margin to do beautiful things even with the limited toolset that designers have. But to do that, we need to know what are the tools that we can use.

From counter badges to game badges

An initial design proposal on how we could move forward the good old badge counter interface to something more satisfactory and less prone to anxiety. Welcome to the world of game badges.

Intense Minimalism: designing the website

Designing something, from big things to smaller ones, requires a good process and attention to details. From concept to UX Design, from visual design to development (HTML5, jQuery, 960.gs, Microformats), this is what I did to build this website.

Intense Minimalism: designing the logo

This is the process behind the redesign of my logo, starting from my first logo, the theory, the idea… and all the bumps in the road. Many interesting things about logo design and potential problems, and I’m not talking just about the drawing part of it.

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