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Omnigraffle: make your Smart Objects

For years I wanted a feature in Omnigraffle like the Smart Objects in Photoshop and I didn’t know it was right under my eyes: it’s done using a little trick that uses the LinkBack framework. Thanks to Matteo Balocco I discovered this article by Todd Moy “How to Make Master Objects in Omnigraffle” that explains exactly that […]

Blinkslate: minimalist customisable WordPress theme

Sometimes you just want a high quality, simple, clean, easily customisable, widget-enabled, HTML5 and print-ready theme to use for your blog, project or as a base for your own theme. Read here to discover Blinkslate, it might be the right WordPress theme for you.

The Social Usability Workshop at Frontiers of Interaction 2010

Social Usability is one of the core elements in my and Gianandrea Giacoma’s research about psychology applied to interaction design because it describe the enabling elements able to create social network dynamics. In the last year we developed the Checklist in order to make easier to use it, and this year we built a workshop to explain, hands on, how it works for both existing and new services.

Social Usability checklist

Social Usability is a quality attribute that assesses how easy social interactions are to make. The checklist is built to be both a simple rule of thumb and an important guideline in the hands of a social network designer.

Wallpapers, aphorisms & simplicity: aphorimplicity

Sometimes to relax a bit I open photoshop and I’ll sketch some ideas and experiments. Sometimes one of them transforms into a nice wallpaper. Here, a set of three, with three great aphorisms by Gibson, Vignelli and Munari.

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